Vendor Spotlight: AEM Induction

Vendor Spotlight: AEM Induction

Leading provider of performance aftermarket induction systems.

Just because you’re upgrading under the hood of your vehicle, doesn’t mean that it can’t also improve the overall look of your car. If you’re wanting to drive away in style, we have partnered with the perfect brand for you—AEM Inductions. Not only do their parts make your car perform better, they look great. Let’s take a look at what AEM Inductions offers and where they’ve come from.

About AEM Induction

AEM Inductions is a branch of AEM designed to perform both on the street, and on the track. But, they don’t just make your vehicle perform well; they make it look good, too. All of their parts are stylized and manufactured to look their best. That way you can show off by popping the hood, and by racing on the pavement.

AEM as a parent brand was created in 1987 as a shop focused on vintage cars and street racers. Nowadays, they are lead manufacturers in the car industry, focused on innovation, performance, and style. AEM Induction is just one of their partner brands, specializing in making your car perform, and look, its best.

Product Line

AEM Inductions has everything you might need to up the performance of your vehicle. They carry high-quality, innovative intake systems that will condense oxygen more efficiently to provide more power. They also carry universal, washable air filters made out of cotton gauze to keep the grime and dust out of your engine. And, with a synthetic air filter cleaner, you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck.

Want to know more about how AEM Inductions can turn your car into a racing machine? Get in touch with TRON today. We’ll help your dream ride look its best, inside and out.