Vendor Spotlight: Airaid

Vendor Spotlight: Airaid

A leader in Cold Air Intake Systems for Late Model Trucks, SUV, Muscle Cars, and more.

Your vehicle isn’t just meant for asphalt. That’s why a lot of people like to take their adventures off-road. Whether it’s mountain terrain, desert terrain, or mud, you don’t want your parts to fail you. That’s why we’re partnered with Airaid, a company dedicated to making adventure-worthy car parts. Let’s take a look at where they started and what they offer.

About Airaid

Airad knows how important oxygen is when it comes to the power of your car. The more oxygen-dense the air is coming in, the more fuel for your engine. The best way to get oxygen rich air is by having a good air intake system. That’s where Airaid comes in.

Airaid started out in 1997 making air filters. They wanted to get away from restrictive factory-made parts and move to something that was more unique. It became popular on the market almost immediately. From there, they expanded, but always remained dedicated to high-quality air flow. They began making Poweraid throttle body spacers in 2000, and by 2001, they were making their own air filters to meet the highest possible quality standards.

Product Line

We highly suggest using Airaid products and parts for anyone looking to optimize their ride for off-roading. They design everything with the intention of it being under the toughest conditions. We mentioned air filters earlier, but they also carry air intake systems, intake components, air filter cleaners, performance parts, and more. Get in contact with TRON today so we can get your vehicle hooked up with Airaid.

TRON does it all. Not only do we partner with multiple amazing brands, we also know the right guys to get it done. You won’t even have to lift a finger.

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