Vendor Spotlight: AWE Tuning

Vendor Spotlight: AWE Tuning

Something that makes us stand out from our competitors, is the fact that TRON can do it all. Because we have certified partners in a lot of different fields of expertise, there’s nothing we can’t do to give you the car of your dreams. AWE Tuning is just one of the many amazing brands we work with. Let’s talk about why.

Who is AWE Tuning?

After partnering with AWE Tuning, it has become very apparent they have one key goal in mind: To Unlock Performance. And they do exactly that. The parts they create, such as performance exhausts, intakes, and intercoolers, have hundreds of hours of testing and research behind them. Their team puts their all into each part they create, so you can be sure that the upgrade you’re getting will be the best quality possible.

AWE Tuning has been around since 1991, and has since reached all across the world, far beyond their headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’re lucky enough to be spreading the word about AWE Tuning as one of their trusted dealers.

Why AWE Tuning?

As we mentioned earlier, AWE Tuning puts hundreds of hours into testing and creating their products. They don’t sell or produce anything unless they’re sure that it will not only increase performance, but also make your vehicle look and sound the best it possibly can. They control every part of developing a new product, meaning there’s less room for error. When your car gets a part from AWE Tuning, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s the best quality out there.

From Audi to Toyota, AWE offers a wide range of performance parts for a variety of vehicles.  They engineer parts for specific vehicle models, so you know you are getting the right part for your ride. They also give the customer a number of options for fine-tuning those parts to their liking.  For example, many of their exhaust systems offer a Track or Tuning option, as well as black or chrome exhaust tips.  This way your system not only performs the very best, but it also looks and sounds just the way you envisioned.

So, if you’re looking to maximize the potential of your vehicle, check out AWE Tuning. We can help with that.

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