Vendor Spotlight: Bridgestone Tires

Vendor Spotlight: Bridgestone Tires

World renowned manufacturer of innovative, high-quality tires.

When it comes to your dream ride, we want it to feel like you’re driving on clouds. That’s why a good set of tires is so important during every part of the upgrade process. Today we want to talk a bit more about one of our tire manufactures—Bridgestone Tires.

About Bridgestone Tires

On March 31, 1931 in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan, Bridgestone Tires was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi. Now, Bridgestone is a tire company known worldwide for their innovative, high-quality products that won’t break the bank. With their multitude of tire types, we guarantee that Bridgestone will have the perfect product for you. And, best of all, Bridgestone Tires is dedicated to sustainability and taking care of the environment, while also giving you a product you’ll love.

Product Line

As we mentioned before, Bridgestone doesn’t just sell average tires. In fact, they have a wide product line with various kinds of tires depending on the terrain you’ll be facing. Worried about getting a flat? Try their DriveGuard tires which will allow you to drive on a punctured tire for up to 50 miles. Often faced with ice and snow? Use their Blizzak winter tires to cut into snow and ice, ensuring a more manageable winter drive. And, if you’re going off the asphalt, try Dueler tires which will allow you to confidently explore any terrain.

If none of these tires sound like the right fit for you, don’t worry. Bridgestone has even more tire types, making it easier than ever to find something you love. Get in touch with TRON today to learn more about what Bridgestone Tires and TRON can do for you and your dream ride.

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