Vendor Spotlight: COBB Tuning

Vendor Spotlight: COBB Tuning

Sometimes, when you’re upgrading your ride, you’re solely focused on power and don’t care as much how the exterior of your vehicle looks. When you’re looking for better performance, we suggest COBB Tuning. They have a large range of high-quality products meant to give your ride that extra edge on the road.

About COBB Tuning

COBB Tuning has been researching and developing high-quality products for the last 15 years. Their focus is to design parts that will bring your bare-bones-model to being a, “powerful, drivable, daily smile-making machine.”

Aren’t sure where to start with COBB Tuning? They have a fail-proof three step process to start upgrading your ride. It’s called The COBB Way. It starts with an accessport, which allows you to adjust how much power your vehicle has at any given time. Next, comes the Stage Power Packages. This is a specific set of car parts selected for your vehicle. Lastly, comes the Custom Tuning. After upgrading your vehicle, a customized tune will be done to see what specifications your car needs to be at.

Product Line

We talked a little bit about The COBB Way, but COBB Tuning offers so much more than just that. They also offer performance parts such as air inductions parts, exhaust parts, cooling parts, air systems, and more. Check out their website to see a full range of products, or contact us.

Not sure what to start with? Overwhelmed by all of the options? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Get in touch with TRON today, and we can figure out what will work best for your ride.

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