Vendor Spotlight: Corsa Exhuast

Vendor Spotlight: Corsa Exhuast

The leading producer of performance exhaust systems.

Upgrading your car is more than just slapping on some new paint and hanging your fuzzy dice on the rear-view mirror. It’s important to have every part of your ride running in top shape. That’s why we’re partnered with CORSA Performance to bring you high quality exhaust systems. Let’s take a look at what makes CORSA so great.

About Corsa

CORSA entered the exhaust business in 1998, establishing a standard that all good exhaust systems should live by. They started with their revolutionary Reflective Sound Cancellation® Technology. This system allows them to target and eliminate resonant frequencies that cause drone. At the same time, it customizes the exhaust note, giving you the exact sound and power you want from your exhaust system.

In 2012, CORSA moved forward with their knowledge of exhaust systems to create free-flowing, direct path air intakes. Through an exclusive partnership with Donaldson® Filtration Solutions, CORSA is able to offer a wide range of air intake systems. This makes them the perfect partner to help customize your vehicle.


CORSA’s purpose is to provide high quality exhaust and air intake systems. This is shown throughout the entire CORSA experience, from manufacturing, to selling, to customer service. They have employed rigorous standards of quality, testing, and up-to-date manufacturing practices. This ensures that from the very start, the product you get from them is the best on the market.

They also use the latest and greatest technology to ensure that they stay at the forefront of technology and manufacturing in the field of exhaust and air intake systems. This is just one of the many reasons why they are looked up to as the standard for high quality in this market.

On top of a high quality product, you’ll also receive some of the best customer service possible. A number of warranties are available for the products you buy, guaranteeing that you will have peace of mind out on the road. They value their employees, customers, and partners, all key aspects of delivering a great product.

Needless to say, CORSA has the power and technology to help you achieve your dream car.

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