Vendor Spotlight: MRR

Vendor Spotlight: MRR

A leading manufacturer of custom wheels.

When upgrading your ride, sometimes you want style as much as you want power. Your wheels are no exception. We’ve partnered with MRR Wheels to bring you a variety of wheel types, styles, designs, and more. After all, your new vehicle isn’t getting anywhere without four wheels. Let’s learn more about MRR Wheels and what they can do for you, especially when combined with TRON.

About MRR Wheels

MRR Wheels puts its focus on customers, as well as awesome design. With their high-quality, large range of products, we guarantee that they carry something you’ll like. And, not only do they consistently test for quality and performance, they also update their equipment continually. This ensures that you will have the best possible wheels. With MRR, you’re going to get a wheel that is high-quality, strong, and affordable.

Before they became MRR Design, they were working with OEM and different private labels to help manufacture and design great wheels. That experience allowed them to grow their skills and learn more about what makes a great wheel.Now, they work with their own, independent line-up of innovative wheels, all designed and manufactured for their own brand.

Product Line

MRR carries a large line of wheels including standard, forged, off-road, and so much more. Each category of wheels comes in a variety of styles and colors. That makes it easier than ever for you to customize the look and feel of your wheels, as well as overall performance of your car.

If you don’t have the right kind of equipment to lift your vehicle and attach your new wheels, don’t worry. TRON has partnered with dozens of local shops to make sure that we can install exactly what you want. Contact us today and request a quote. We’d be happy to collaborate with you and dream up the ride that you want.

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