Vendor Spotlight: Velgen Wheels

Vendor Spotlight: Velgen Wheels

Top to bottom, inside and out, Velgen Wheels will give your vehicle that distinctive style you're looking for and deliver outstanding performance you deserve.

Your car is never quite complete without a good set of wheels. That’s why we’ve partnered with Velgen Wheels. Not only is their product one of the best on the market, they also work with a wide range of models and vehicle types. We have no doubt that there’s at least one set of wheels that you’ll love. Let’s take a closer look at Velgen and why TRON has partnered with them.


Velgen Wheels products are manufactured with extremely high-quality standards. They start by melting 356.2 aluminum, and then remove any impurities. Molds are pre-heated and wheels they manufactured low-pressure methods. This allows them to achieve a finished product that has more density than a traditional wheel. It also gives them more control over the molding process, reducing the imperfections in each wheel. Each wheel is then finished with the best sealants available. 


Every wheel manufactured by Velgen Wheels goes through an extensive testing process. Once they have been casted, they are x-rayed to check for air pockets, go through a run out and balancing test, checked for water leakage or cracks, and more. Velgen also offers a 5-year manufacturer warranty. So, for every wheel you get from Velgen Wheels, you can rest easy knowing that it has been tested for the highest quality possible.  

Something for Everyone

Like we mentioned earlier, Velgen Wheels works with a wide range of vehicle and model types. On top of that, they have a variety of wheel types, including lightweight, truck, cast, forged, and more in a variety of colors and finishes. With a multitude of options for every model and vehicle they support, as well as the ability to create custom wheels, there’s no questioning that you’ll find some of the best wheels from Velgen Wheels.

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