Vendor Spotlight: XPEL

Vendor Spotlight: XPEL

The industry leaders of self-healing PPF, heat rejecting window tint, ceramic coating, and surface protection solutions.

When your vehicle is upgraded and looking fresh, you’ll want to do everything you possibly can to protect your new paint job. Unfortunately, wear and tear comes with driving a car. Whether it’s pebbles from the asphalt below you, or hail and rain coming down, dings and scratches are likely to appear. Luckily, XPEL is here to keep your ride protected, even in those high-impact areas.

About XPEL

XPEL is a company founded on protecting what you do to upgrade not only your vehicle, but also your house and watercrafts. A big company with a small business feel, XPEL’s directors and corporate staff are all dedicated to making high-quality products that are guaranteed to boost the longevity of the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Product Line

As we mentioned early, XPEL has an awesome product line designed to keep every part of your car scratch-free. If you just got a new paint job and want to keep it looking brand-new, have one of their Paint Protection Films installed. You can even choose whether you want to wrap the whole car, or just target high-impact areas. For a protective finish that improves the appearance of your exterior, as well as contains hydrophobic protection, try one of their Ceramic Coatings.

XPEL manufacturers a lot more than just exterior protection products. If you want to keep the interior plastic and leather of your ride looking its best, try using their Interior Protection Films. That way, you can drive around in peace, knowing that the way your car looks is guaranteed to stay looking great.

We’ve partnered with XPEL because we want your TRON experience to last forever. If you want an amazing paint job, and a protective layer to go with it, get in touch with us today. Not only will we hook you up with the right vendors, we’ll install it all for you. It’s the TRON way.

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