Matte Copper Metallic by 3M (2080-M229)

Matte Copper Metallic by 3M (2080-M229)

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3M has been a leader in innovation from the very beginning. The science behind 3M wrap film provides superior performance, offering ease of use to graphics installers and leading to outstanding results.

Vehicle wraps can be big investments for your vehicle. By using 3M wrap film, you’re investing in the 3M brand promise of quality, reliability, service and warranty to put your mind at ease.

With more than 100 colors from which to choose, Wrap Film Series 1080/2080 offers an unparalleled combination of shades and finishes to create truly unique and innovative designs.

TRON Auto Lab is an authorized dealer for the entire 3M product line.

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Vinyl Wrap Install Types

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The Do It Yourself (DIY) Install is for those individual's that want to tackle this project solo. This package includes a 3D render of your vehicle, a video tutorial on how to DIY, a real swatch sample, one installer tool set, and free shipping of the vinyl wrap roll(s) to your address.


The Professional Install includes a full vehicle vinyl wrap professionally installed by a TRON Auto Lab specialist. Bumpers and other body parts will be removed to ensure a proper install. This package also includes a warranty on the entire vehicle wrap for parts and labor.


The Advanced Install includes everything from the Professional Install as well as four (4) door jams. Each door will be fully removed, each door jam vinyl wrapped, and finally each door will be re-installed and then re-aligned.

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