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Vinyl Wrap for Hood, Roof or Trunk

Vinyl Wrap for Hood, Roof or Trunk

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The sun does a good number on paint and a vinyl wrapped hood, roof or trunk is a great way to bring your car back to life.

Hood wraps often require seams because the hood is larger than a single sheet of vinyl. A professionally installed hood wrap with look exactly like paint. The seams will be hidden in a way that nobody will be able to tell your hood is wrapped.

Roof wraps can be notoriously difficult because they require a single large sheet of vinyl to be laid with perfection on the first run. On top of that, most modern roofs have antennas smack in the center of the clean sheet of vinyl. Inexperienced wrap shops and DIY-ers often run into a lot of issues with the antenna. You'll end up with seams and tears all around the antenna. Our installers will lay your roof wrap in such a way that you won't be able to tell it's been wrapped.

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