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Powder Coating Service for Wheels

Powder Coating Service for Wheels

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Do you have a set of old wheel's that need to be revived? Maybe a new set of wheels that you want to match the color of your vinyl wrap or paint job. We can repair your damaged wheel and give it a new coat of durable powder coating that will not only look fantastic, it will protect the metal underneath.

We will dismount your tires, powder coat your wheels, and remount your wheels. Unlike traditional shops that require you to just bring them the wheel, requiring you to pay a tire shop to remove the tire and remount it, we will complete the entire process on site. No need to lose your car for a week while you run your wheels around town, just drop off your ride and pick it up a few days later.

  • Price includes a set of four (4) wheels
  • Wheel Powder Coating Process
  • Remove your wheel and tire
  • Remove your tires from the wheels
  • Sandblast your wheels
  • Apply powder to the wheels
  • Bake wheels in oven
  • Remount the tires to your newly Powder Coated wheels
  • Reinstall the wheels and tires on your ride to factory spec
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